2 Free Ways To Make Real Money From Home

2 Free Ways To Make Real Money From Home

2 Free Ways To Make Real Money From Home

2 Free Ways To Make Real Money From Home

What is going on guys , in this post i will be telling you exactly how you can make money with these 2 free ways to make real money from home. Are you ready? Lets get started because this is going to be amazing.! These 2 ways i started doing it on the middle of July 2020 and its September 2020 when i am writing this content for you guys.

First Way To Make Money For Free Is RedBubble

Now please do not leave just because i mentioned RedBubble you probably thinking oh here we go now i have to create designs and this and that no , trust me its way easier than that. Let me explain couple things so you can start with this right away! Ready?

Finding Ideas

The way i find ideas for RedBubble i use MerchInformer to find ideas and very great ideas because those ideas are right now out there and people are buying these kind of designs. So how does this work? First let me tell you how to do this real quick. Click HERE To Go To MerchInformer (If you want 20% of discount use the code: vidainfluencer)

After you do signup on MerchInformer im not sure if you know but you have 3 days FOR FREE to use this BADBOY and i will explain how this is great and how it works.

As you can see where it says Movers & Shakers is the ones that is moving now and people are starting to buy and starting to move. If you be smart enough and start creating simple text designs like a good example is this one:

You can easily do this using a Text APP called “TYPORAMA” its free and you can make as many design as you want. Trust me its as easier as that. And if you would like to see proof of income with RedBubble please see below my first month (nothing big) but obviously its my first month.

I started on July 26th , and on August this is what i have made. I only had 200 designs on my store and now i have over 300 designs. What is my goal with this amazing website? I will easily have 1000 designs and will be making over $300 a month with RedBubble.

Once i see good money coming from it i can easily outsource everything. But for now i am doing it myself and well you can also try it out. Its free to start.

What is RedBubble? Anyways forgot to explain what is it huh? Well its a print on demand platform where you can upload a design to any product like Mugs , Shirt, Notebook and all that. You can go figure it out. You wont regre it.



So what is Kindle Publishing? Basically its creating books and amazon do the marketing for you and the sale the customer service and everything.. YES EVERYTHING! Its basically Print ON Demand like RedBubble but with Books. Let me show you a good example of the things i will be showing you and what i am doing.. Here is one:

This is a great example this is a NOTEBOOK but hey do you see of what? A CAT NOTEBOOK obviously people love cat well to be honest i prefer dogs but hey lets keep going with this example shall we? 😛

You can easily make Notebooks of anything you want but there is a couple of tricks you need to know so you can see some sales. Can i show you some? Please follow through.

  1. Find a good niche.

How can you find a good niche? Well the easily way to find a good niche is with BookBolt. Let me show you how i can find quick ideas for kindle. I make 15 to 20 books in one days with this steps. I find first a niche , then i make 5 books of that niche. But theres more….

       2. Higher Volume , Less Result.

If you dont have Keywords Everywhere it is a Google Chrome you should download just google it and download it. And when you do a search on amazon you should see Less Result and More Volume. Here is an example:

Your job is to find something that is higher with volume and low in result. And make couple of them books with nice designs and interior. Now i am sure you asking so how do i make these books? I don’t get it! Okay here is how you can create them.

3. Creating Interior

Now you get to create interior and you probably asking how can i create an interior of a book? Using BookBolt , and i can show you exactly how to do that. I made a vide of it very simple on how to do it. If you want to get BookBOlt its 3 days FREE then $9.99 a month but you can use the code for 20% discounts: code: vidainfluencer

You can signup for BookBolt HERE 

In that tutorial i show you exactly how i am doing Kindle step by step and how you can do it too. Listen these 2 ways to make money online for free are the best out there and obviously i can tell you also Youtube but im sure you will say yeah i heard that before and nope thanks. But yeah you should try it still LOL

Well i hope you liked this post please comment tell me are you going to start?


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